Have a "real tree" Christmas!

We Are Growers and Volume Sellers of Fresh Nova Scotia Balsam Fir Trees

The Lunenburg Balsam Fir Co-op Ltd. became incorporated in 1996. Organized by a group of dedicated Christmas tree growers who wanted to better serve their customers and the needs of the market place.

Our ten member Co-op is composed of multi-generational family farms with a long history of growing the best balsam fir using environmentally sustainable practices. We have over 350 man years of combined experience nurturing balsam fir and we are the longest operating Christmas Tree Co-op in the Province of Nova Scotia.

Our Co-op has two past Provincial Government Christmas Tree Specialists active within its membership and has had two of its members inducted into the coveted Lunenburg County Christmas Tree Hall of Fame.

The Lunenburg Balsam Fir Co-op has long haul trucking available to serve North American markets and is linked with shipping specialists using the Port of Halifax to access global markets. With these strengths, our Co-op has the ability to grow and ship the freshest balsam fir products to meet your needs.

Fresh Nova Scotia Christmas Trees
Lunenburg Balsam Fir Christmas Trees from Nova Scotia, Canada. Trees of various sizes and grades from 2' to 20+'
Fresh Nova Scotia Christmas Trees
Wreaths, brush and garland available with tree order
Fresh Nova Scotia Christmas Trees
Spruce and white, red, scotch pine varieties are available upon request



Grades of live Christmas trees to fit your resale needs. Fresh from Nova Scotia.